Carl Richards Behavior Gap
Carl Richards Behavior Gap
The Collectors List: Your Money Your Life (Planning)
Behavior Gap The Collectors List Printing

The Collectors List: Money = Feelings

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Once a month, we turn a Behavior Gap sketch into a signed, numbered, and framed limited edition letterpress print for you to hang on your wall. And the only people who have a chance to own one are people who have joined The Collectors List.

-Limited edition (edition size: 999.)
-Signed and numbered.
-Framed 11 x 14 inch print (15.25 x 18.25 inches).
-Letterpress print.
-Printed and framed in the Wasatch Mountains.

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Everyone else: We’ve done enough international shipping with our calendars to learn that customs in different countries is a roll of the dice. Unfortunately, we’re just not comfortable gambling with something this important to us and to you. Please know we’re working on a solution. If you’re interested in one of these prints, email and let us know.