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Carl Richards Behavior Gap Noise Info Wisdom
Carl Richards Behavior Gap Noise Info Wisdom
Carl Richards Behavior Gap
Carl Richards Behavior Gap
Carl Richards Behavior Gap Noise Info Wisdom

The Collectors List: Noise, Info, Wisdom

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We turned this Behavior Gap sketch into a signed, numbered, and framed limited edition letterpress print for you to hang on your wall. 

-Limited edition. (Edition size: 999).
-Signed and numbered.
-Framed 11 x 14 inch print (15.25 x 18.25 inches).
-Letterpress print.
-Printed and framed in the Wasatch Mountains.

Free shipping in the United States.


A note on shipping:

United States: You’re good to go.

Everyone else: We’ve done enough international shipping with our calendars to learn that customs in different countries is a roll of the dice. Unfortunately, we’re just not comfortable gambling with something this important to us and to you. Please know we’re working on a solution. If you’re interested in one of these prints, email admin@behaviorgap.com and let us know.

What others are saying...

“If a picture is worth a thousand works, Carl's sketches could change your life”

Marty Kurtz, Past President of The Finanical Planning Association

“I love Carl's hand-drawn sketches. They feel so personal and immediate… like he couldn't wait to scrawl down whatever insight had just popped into that lightning-fast brain of his.”

Kara Cutruzzula, Brass Ring Daily

“Carl's sketches are confrontational... without being off-putting”

Ron Lieber, New York Times