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Official ‘Sketch Guy’ art for use in presentations, wall art, and more.

presentations, wall art, & more.

Making Complex Things Simple

My entire professional career has been focused on making complex subjects elegantly simple. I've used my sketches to have conversations with people I love about things that matter. The reason you are on this page is because of these sketches. While you may think of my sketches as a client education tool, a way to communicate an idea, or something to hang on your wall – and they are all of that – I see them as a conversation grenade. Toss one of these into a room and watch conversations break out! 

  • “If a picture is worth a thousand words, Carl's sketches could change your life.”

    -Marty Kurtz, Past President of The Financial Planning Association

  • “I love Carl's hand-drawn sketches. They feel so personal and immediate… like he couldn't wait to scrawl down whatever insight had just popped into that lightning-fast brain of his…”

    Kara Cutruzzula, Brass Ring Daily

  • “Carl's sketches are confrontational...without being off-putting.”

    Ron Lieber, New York Times

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